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12V Mini Hi-Fi PAM8610 Audio Stereo Amplifier Board 2X10W Dual Channel D Class buy in Pakistan

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The power amplifier circuit board designed using the official standard, the chip uses a selection of US imports original Longding micro Class D amplifier chip. Good product chip is necessary and the majority of music lovers to share, this is our consistent philosophy! The amplifier with ultra-high efficiency, large power, in the case of 12V power supply can output 10W + 10W of power, the chip without fins, but also with overheating, over-current protection function, the function can be said to be very powerful.

The amplifier board is still difficult to drive two 15W speakers, high efficiency Class D amplifier board pure is not blown out, the most suitable for small rooms listening to music use.
You need to use a large heat sink when using Spike TDA2030 amplifier chip board, TDA2030 (15W + 15W) This traditional 15W amplifier board to drive two speakers, and high-efficiency Class D PAM8410 pure amplifier board need only drive two 15W speakers Use a small heat sink, high efficiency super power, the sound quality is great.
1. Analog Microelectronics America’s original PAM8610 chip as amplifier chip, power can reach 10W + 10W.
2. As pure class D amplifier board power requirements is relatively high, the exclusive use of the power amplifier board enthusiast 2200UF capacitor filter, the elimination of exchange voice, without interference, pure sound quality.
3. Using automatic placement machine production, the board is more beautiful.
4. Strip 5.5X2.5 standard power outlet, power input is very convenient. (Positive outside and negative inside)
Recently found to have bad business to buy this product to copy, workmanship, PCB design, and capacitor materials are not as ours, we have absolute import original IC, coupled with excellent PCB design and machine placement soldering, stable and reliable performance.
Pure Class D chip without fins can open detonation music, and now we have to chip plus a heat sink, you do not have to worry about overheating. !
When the power supply voltage of DC 8V-12V, PAM8610 be able to 4Ω load 10W + 10W output power, high-quality sound.
Technical Parameters:
Power: typically 10W
Voltage: DC DC8V-12V
Can drive speakers: 10W-15W, 4 -8 Euro Euro
Built-in power-impact sound canceling circuit, no power on impact sound
Physical picture:
Compact board, 3.5MM stereo audio input interface, audio input with a standard easy. With fully enclosed volume control potentiometer, can be arbitrary adjust the volume, use and installation are very flexible and convenient
Use American Power Analog Microelectronics original PAM8610 pure Class D amplifier chip as the power amplifier IC, the maximum it can provide to 10W + 10W of power, incredible sound.
PCB component placement tidy line with US FCC standards, all using genuine components using devices capable of long-term stability.
Heart-highlight fine arts star Electronic Manufacturing insist that only new element was the market mature products, please rest assured purchase.
Use enthusiast 2200UF capacitor, ensure pure sound quality.
Board size: Long 40mmX (excluding protruding parts of the volume potentiometer, etc.) wide by 19 40mmX
 Subjective sound experience:
 PAM8610 (10W) power to the PAM8406 (6W) bigger, more powerful speaker can drive, found this amplifier board can drive two 25W speakers.
Listen really surprised, it is hard to believe that such a small piece of the chip can be issued so great volume, stereo effect is very good, indicating a high degree of chip channel separation. Case of playing music, the performance was better than expected, chip minimal heat, the sound was amazing, more transparent treble, bass, or a certain amount, quality count in a small amplifier board in the upper level, listen to music from a very comfortable .
Package Contains:
1PC PAM8610 module as Images
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