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Foil Resistance Strain Gauge Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Load Cell 350 ohm BF350-3AA


(1) Mainly applicable to the pressure sensor manufacturing process of 0.02 grade. The 0.02 level means that the output error is in the range of plus or minus 0.02 at full scale. High precision. The specific sensor manufacturing process will be described in detail later.

(2) Directly measure the strain of the member.

    The strain gauge is directly attached to the deformation part of the component. When the component is deformed, the resistance value of the strain gauge changes. The resistance strain measuring device (strain gauge) can measure the resistance change of the strain gauge, and convert it into a strain or proportional to the strain. The electrical signal (voltage, current) can be.

(3) Circuit selection (very key red)

    The resistance change of the strain gauge is very small, and there must be a proper circuit to detect the slight change. We usually choose a circuit in which the change of the strain gauge resistance can control the circuit so that the output of the circuit can be similar to the resistance change. The electrical signal (voltage or current) can then be properly processed (amplified).

Type: BF350-3 AA 
Resistance: 350Ω(typ.) 
Grid Material:constantan 
Sensitivity Coefficient: 2.00-2.20 
Sensitivity Coefficient Dispersion: ≤±1% 
Strain Limit: 2.0% 
Fatigue Lifetime: ≥1M 
Board Size: 7.1 X 4.5mm/0.28 X 0.18inch(L*W) 
Package Included: 
     1X BF350 350 Ohm Strain Pressure Sensor

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