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Expendable Garden Magic Hose pipe 30m/100ft Spray Gun

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Last updated: 6 May, 2024

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Product Description:

This lightweight expandable garden hose expands to 3 times its size when water is turned on and contracts back to the original length when turned off. Its kink/tangle free and the aluminium end-ducting is designed to withstand pressure without bursting.

The product comes with 2 piece connector set that is intended to fit the typical outdoor garden, so you needn’t a connector to fit your tap.
Expanding hose pipes are not suitable with sprinkler at full speed. The hose can not expand to its maximum stretchable length as water flows at full speed via sprinklers.

Safety Warning: 
Avoid contact of the hosepipe with any sharp items, or placing heavy objects on top of the hose pipe. Always wear safety gloves while using the hose
Store the hosepipe in a dry place to increase its longevity
This hosepipe is for household use

Package Include:

1x 30m/ 100ft Expendable Magic Hose Pipe.

1x Magic Hose Spray gun

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