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Last updated: 10 May, 2023

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Show some use more advanced voltmeter microprocessor, part of the United States imported Boost boost controller, through the use of the power MOSFET’s on-resistance and eliminates the need for a current sense resistor, maximizing efficiency, efficiency of up to 96.4%. Imports of high-power low resistance MOS pipe, large package, high current, high efficiency Schottky, wide PCB traces thickened, high power efficiency and low temperature guarantee. Wide voltage operation, when the input and output voltage can be achieved in more than 20V 128W output power. Long-life type switching power supply for high frequency and high-capacity low resistance (low ESR) electrolytic capacitors, let lower output ripple. Module chips are imported, the use of materials, stable performance!

The module consists of three-month studio team of senior engineers, the development of a more intelligent, humane, cost-effective modules.

New functional advantages:

1. On-board LED work light, working conditions even more intuitive.

2. A key switch digital tube light off, a button to switch the input and output voltage measurements. (On-board voltage indicator “IN” highlight the input voltage, “OUT” to highlight the output voltage).

3. This product is strong launch, voltmeter self-calibration function! There will never be a problem voltmeter inaccurate!

Second, the performance parameters:

1, input voltage: 3 ~ 35V DC (Note: input voltage is less than 4V, onboard voltmeter failure)

2, the input current: 9A (max)

3, the output voltage: 3.5 ~ 35V DC (this plate is a step-up board, the output voltage is> = input voltage)

4, the output current: 6A (max)

5, the output power: 75W, (when the input voltage is greater than 20V output can reach 128W)

6, the conversion efficiency: 96.7% (maximum)

7, the output ripple: 24mV (TYP)

8 onboard voltage meter range: 4 ~ 40V, error + -0.1V

9, short-circuit protection: YES (limit current 14A). Tips: When access to high-power load, since the General Assembly just machines inrush current limiting is self-locking protection, it is recommended to boot, then access to the load.

10, input reverse polarity protection: None (if necessary, please enter the string into the high current diode).

11, length x width x height = 67 * 43 * 12MM (excluding pillars)

This product is the new double combination correction voltage function

Specific methods are as follows:

Output voltage display calibration

Step 1, to adjust the right to make “OUT” indicator light, then the voltmeter shows the output voltage; 2S above press right after the release, voltmeter and “OUT” synchronous flashing lights, so you enter the output voltage display calibration mode .

Step 2, press (normal speed can be) right time to add up the voltage of the voltage value of a unit; short press the left button down voltage voltage value minus the value of a unit; the voltage value of a unit less than 0.1V voltmeter minimum display to 0.1V, so you need to press 1-5 times in a row to see the voltmeter change the 0.1V, concrete continuously press the key several times voltmeter change 0.1V, depending on the current display voltage, current display voltage The higher the number, the less pressing.

Step 3, the output voltage adjustment finished, press the button on the right side after the release 2S above, you can exit the output voltage display calibration mode. All parameters set to automatically power-down save.

Input voltage display calibration

Step 1, to adjust the right to make “IN” indicator light, then voltmeter displays the input voltage; 2S above press right after the release, voltmeter and “IN” indicator synchronous flashing, so you enter the input voltage display calibration mode .

Step 3 is consistent with the output voltage display calibration methods.

Note: The first shipment of this product have been tested more than three times, voltage display to ensure accuracy in the 0.1V, calibration function is more accurate to meet your requirements and design, ease of use.

Third, the application:

1, DIY a power supply, 5V can be input, output can 5-35V adjustable.

2, the power supply for your electronic device, according to your system can set the output voltage value. For example 5V 3.7V lithium-liter do mobile power, 7.4V or 12V 19 liters to the laptop power supply.

3, as the vehicle power supply for your laptop, PDA or digital products supply.

Package contains:

LTC1871 Boost Module

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