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LTC3780 DC 5-32V to 1V-30V 10A automatic cc/cv constant current constant voltage buy in Pakistan

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LTC3780 DC 5-32V to 1V-30V 10A automatic pressure lifting power/constant voltage constant current CV and CC 12V24v voltage/car/solar charging

The power supply is a high efficiency voltage regulator power supply module, the input voltage is lower than, higher than the output voltage, the output voltage can remain stable. For example, the output is 12V, then the input voltage varies between 5 ~ 32V, the output voltage regulator in the 12V. This module has perfect protection function, can be applied to solar charge.
Circuit board with 1.6 thick gold plating process;
Input can be replaced by the replacement of the insurance tube, the protection of power and equipment;
The whole electrolysis adopts imported SMD, low resistance, high frequency capacitance, the ripple down to the freezing point;
IC imported from Linear;
Constant voltage, constant current, under voltage protection (MPPT is more suitable for solar charge)
Output error indicator, output voltage drift is too serious, such as the failure of the short circuit;
Electrical parameters:
Input voltage: DC5-32V;
Output voltage: DC1V-30V continuous adjustable; the default 12V delivery, such as the need for other voltage, please take note;
Output current: less than 8A, the peak value of 10A, the default 5A delivery, such as the need for other current please take notes;
Output power: long-term 80W, peak 130W, more than 80W, please strengthen cooling;
Output ripple: 50mV (12V, 5A, 12V)
Input back protection: No, if required, please connect the diode in the output terminal
Output: no need, such as anti backflow charging, please at the output diode in series
Operating temperature range: -45 c ~ +85c;
Size: 77.6*46.5*15mm
Description of the use of LTC3780 constant current under pressure protection plate
Welcome to purchase the use of our voltage module, please read the following instructions carefully, or due to the use of improper use of damage, the company will not be guaranteed, replacement.
This module belongs to the automatic lifting power supply, the input voltage is lower than the output voltage, and the output voltage can be kept stable. For example, set the output of 12V, input voltage in 5 ~ 32V between changes, output voltage is 12V constant; constant current, constant pressure, under voltage protection and output instructions, fault indication function output had over-current, over-voltage, short circuit protection; all the components can achieve industrial scale should be used; can be perfect for use in a variety of occasions, such as charging, high power LED drive, power supply equipment, vehicle power supply and so on.
Package: 1Pcs* LTC3780
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