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Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier Foldable 3D Screen Amplifier Holder Stand buy in Pakistan

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Last updated: 24 February, 2024

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Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier Foldable 3D Screen Amplifier Holder Stand
Ai-FS01 mobile phone amplifier adopts French Fresnel high clearing heat and pressure optical technology
to enlarge the picture in the mobile phone by 2-3 times, the picture is very clear, completely solves the
problem of small screen watching is very uncomfortable, effectively protects the vision;
In terms of product structure, it adopts innovative drawing-out hidden design, which is easy to operate
and suitable for various types of mobile phones.
The product is simple in shape and compact in size.
High resolution optical amplification technology, no power supply, no use cost, energy saving, environmental
protection, suitable for various occasions, such as indoor, camping, travel, leisure, study and so on.
In addition, in order to effectively solve the screen used for a long time more dust, affect the clarity,
mobile phone amplifier only need to rinse with water, dry or dry hands can be as new, use and
maintenance are very simple, is a gift.
Main Features:
1. It features with zoom, eye protection, radiation protection, bracket.
2. The mobile phone screen magnifier is foldable, suitable for any mobile phone.
3. It is HD and has a large screen, especially suitable for watching movies in 3D.
4. The bracket in the base can adjust visual angle, suitable for play game,
catch up with drama, see a movie.
5. Silicone round pull button, stretch design to protect the large screen,
and non-slip silicone pad to protect your phone.
6. HD phone screen magnifier is like a phone projector that magnifies the phone screen 2 to 4 times.
This will alleviate the discomfort and visual fatigue caused by focusing on a small screen for a long time.
Package include:
1x Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier

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