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Nano to Micro and Standard Sim Card Adapter for Iphone and Android buy in Pakistan

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Last updated: 6 January, 2024

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Product Discription:

This SIM card adapter CONVERTS a NANO SIM to MICRO SIM using a nano sim adapter to micro sim or a NANO SIM to STANDARD SIM CARD and a MICRO SIM CARD into a STANDARD SIM CARD using the micro sim to standard sim adapter.

This Sim to Micro sim adapter or Micro Sim Adapter Tray uses a Nano Sim Card which fits perfectly inside the tray. This 4-in-1 SIM Card adapter kit comes with three small pieces of plastic that turns your nano or micro SIM into a card the NEXT SIZE UP for your cellular project.

With this SIM Card Tray Eject Pin, you can easily open, remove, eject the SIM card tray.

It is produced by metal material with meticulously crafted.

Lightweight, compact and portable, the Eject Pin can easily carry with your key ring.

Use this Apple iPhone Eject Pin to replace your lost or dirty one.

Compatible with Apple iPhone 3G 3GS 4G 5 5G 5S


Package Include:

1x Sim Ejection Tool, 1x Nano Sim to Micro Sim Adapter, 1x Convert Nano Sim to Standard Sim Adapter, 1x Convert Micro Sim to Standard Sim Adapter



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