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1 LED Flashlight UV Lamp LED Ultra Violet Torch Light

SKU: 2125
PKR  450
1.Bulbs/mode: 1 UV LED Bulbs 2.WL: 395-400 nm 3.Material: aluminum alloy 4.Size(mm): 87(L)?26(D) 5.Weight(g): 40g 6.Battery: 3 X AAA 1.5V (not included) 7.Switch: Tailcap Clickie On/Off 8.This UV LED flashlight is designed for money checking, credit card checking, document checking and anti-counterfeiting checking. , Color: black, red, silver, blue

1000X 8 USB Digital Microscope Endoscope Magnifier

SKU: 1953
PKR  3,900
Image Sensor: 0.3M HD CMOS Sensor (Digital 2M) Controller: High Speed DSP Lens: Micro-Scope Lens Focus Range: Manual Focus from 0~200mm Snap Shot: Software and Hardware Video Capture Resolution: 640x480 Still Image Capture Resolution: 1600x1200(2M Pixel),1280x960(1.3M Pixel),800x600, 640x480 Frame Rate: Max. 30f/s Under 600 Lux Brightness Flicker Control: 50Hz / 60Hz Option Video Format: AVI

105pcs Rotary Tool Accessory Set Electric Grinding Accessory Kit Mini Multi Drill Polishing Drill Kits for Dremel

SKU: 2949
PKR  720
Rotary Tool Accessory Set Electric Grinding Accessory Kit Mini Multi Drill Polishing Drill Kits for Dremel 105pcs Convenient: 105pcs Rotary Accessory Complete Kit includes polishing tools, pads, cutting, drums, grinding, sanding, carving bits and cleaning parts, etc. Durable: with small, good polishing effect, high efficiency. Uses: It suits your polishing needs, it can be used for metallic and non-metallic materials. Multipurpose: suitable for cleaning metal surfaces, grinding, dusting, deburring, polishing, peeling debris. Type: Electric Drill Grinder Rotary Power Tool Material: Sanding, Metal, High Speed ??Steel, etc. Color: as the picture shows Quantity: 105pcs Usage: Rotary Polishing Tool

12V Battery Capacity Indicator 4 LEDs Display for 3S Battery 11.1-12.6v

SKU: 1959
PKR  250
3.7v Li-po Battery Indicator 3S High reliability, low cost and compact size. LED Flash for low charge warning. Memory option to recall quantity of electricity. Specifically designed to monitor the power level of battery while charging or discharging. Provides instant battery status to permit effective management of the charging. Display of 4 segment LED bar graph. Easy to install and operate.

3110 – Tripod Stand For Camera And Mobile – Black

SKU: 2039
PKR  700
3110 - Tripod Stand For Camera And Mobile - Black 3-section center column Non-silp rubber feet Pull-out button angling adjustment Single adjust of each leg Flip leg locking system Easy to Maneuver If you are a professional photographer or videographer, then don't miss out this good chance to own a great tripod. Firmly hold your camera, this Jie 330A digital camera tripod offers maximum stability to avoid camera shaking and achieve best shooting effect. With moderate weight, the tripod is portable for your outdoor shooting, Especially for night and close-up shooting, this tripod is indispensable. Action is better than excitement! Features Perfect for field, studio, education and onTripods are used for both still and motion photography to prevent camera movement.

330A Professional Aluminum Tripod Stand For DSLR Camera , Mobile Phone , Tik Tok User , Vlogers and Youtubers

SKU: 2327
PKR  1,650
Product Name: 330A Professional Aluminum Tripod Stand Material: Aluminum Maximum Height: 1525mm Minimum Height: 470mm Folded Length: 515mm Weight: 730g Leg Sections: Aluminum 3 Section Leg Head Type: 360? Swivel Fluid Head Leg Lock Type: Self-aligning metal quick-flip leg locks

4 In 1 100A DC6.5 100V Digital Power Meter Monitor Energy Voltmeter Ammeter + 100A Shunt

SKU: 2406
PKR  1,650
Product Name: 4 In 1 100A DC6.5 100V Digital Power Mete 1. Operating voltage: 6.5 = 100VDC 2. test voltage: 6.5 = 100VDC 3. Rated power: 10000 a / W 4. measurement accuracy: 1.0 5. Power: measuring range 0-10 kW 1 kW display format at 0.0 = 999.9 W; From the 1kW 1000 ~ 9999 W. screen format. 6. Power: measurement range 0 9999kWh 10 KWh within the screen format 0 = 99wh; Display format greater than 10kWh 10 = 99kwh; 7. Voltage: test range 6.5-100V Screen format 6.50 = 99.99 V 8. Current: test range 0 = 100A Screen format 0.00 to 99.99. 5 V oltage accuracy: +/- 1%

6 in 1 AC 100A Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Energy Power Frequency Factor Current Panel Meter Detector

SKU: 2168
PKR  2,750
Current types: 100A Power supply: 80~260V AC Display type: LCD Shell material: Reinforced nylon Dimensions: 89.6x49.6mm/3.53x1.95inch Color: Black LCD: Blue

6 in 1 Digital Current Voltmeter PZEM-022 AC 80V-260V 100A Split CT Power Multimeter

SKU: 2607
PKR  3,650
PZEM-022 AC Digital Display Multimeter, Power Monitor, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Frequency Meter, Factor Meter Product Type: PZEM-022 1. Operating voltage: 80 ~ 260VAC 2. Test voltage: 80 ~ 260VAC 3. Nominal power: 100 a / 22000 W 4. Operating frequency: 45-65Hz 5. Measurement precision: degree 1.0 6. Electrical parameter measurement function (voltage, current, active power, energy, frequency, power factor) 7. Overload alarm function (over power alarm threshold, and power backlight intermittent to alarm ). 8. Power alarm threshold preset function (you can set the energy alarm threshold). 9. Power can be restored with the key. 10. Store data when turned off. 11. Large LCD screen 12. Backlight function.

6036-A Multifunctional Screwdriver Suit for Computers Phone Household

SKU: 1940
PKR  320
SUOER SON-6032A 32-piece Mini PRECISION SCREWDRIVER SET with case w/ Tweezer, Handle & Torx, Hex Bits etc. SON6032-A 100% Brand new 32-piece precision screwdriver kit set All in one compact pocket-sized case for easy carry For repairing laptops, mobile devices, and other precision items like wristwatches and eyeglasses Non-slip tough shaft ensures greater comfort and convenience

830D DIGITAL MULTI-METER with Test Probe

SKU: 2451
PKR  520

AA 1.2V Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Nickel Metal Hydride Battery with Tabs

SKU: 2401
PKR  110
AA 1.2V NiCD Rechargeable Battery with Tabs Specifications Voltage: 1.2V Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Height: 1.89in Diameter: 0.56in Terminal Types: Tabs NiMH Assembly Cell Battery Information Excellent quality and provide constant power electric current for your power hungry devices and some solar lights and solar applications. Low internal resistance, ideal for rapid high current discharge Excellent battery cycle life: 1000 times Ni-MH battery can be charged and discharged for up to 1000 times Environmentally Friendly (Ni-MH can be recycled) If use once a day, Ni-MH batteries can last up to 3 years.

Automatic Wire Stripper 1-3.2mm

SKU: 2301
PKR  449
This Faithfull Automatic Wire Stripper is a highly efficient wire stripping plier that clamps and strips insulated cable (1-3.2mm diameter) in one quick action. The high performance steel blades have five pre-set cable diameters and are hardened to 53HRC, providing a long working life. An adjustable cable length guide allows the pliers to be set between 5 to 32mm to make repetitive stripping tasks quick and accurate. Cable capacity: 1-3.2mm. Adjustable length: 5-32mm.

BNKTOP Double Battery 21v Variable Electric Drill Machine Cordless Rechargeable

SKU: 2837
PKR  9,300
BNKTOP Brand Double Battery 21volt Electric Drill Machine Wireless Cordless Rechargeable Drill Machine Rechargeable Wireless Cordless Screwdriver Drill Machine Rechargeable Wireless Cordless Screw Driver Drill Machine Screwdriver Bit Toolkit Power Tools Imported BNKTOP Korean Brand.

Capacitive magnetic soil moisture sensor High voltage sensor V2 Corrosion resistant module cable switch for Arduino

SKU: 2378
PKR  290
This analog capacitive soil moisture sensor measures soil moisture levels using a capacitive sensor, rather than a resistive sensor like other types of moisture sensor It is made of a corrosion resistant material that gives it a long service life Soak it in the ground and impress your friends with real-time soil moisture data This module includes an integrated voltage regulator that gives an operating voltage range of 3.3 ~ 5.5V This sensor has a 3-pin "gravity" interface, which can be connected directly to the gravity I / O expansion shield Operating voltage: DC 3.3-5.5V Output voltage: DC 0-3.0V Interface: PH2.0-3P Size: 99x16mm / 3.9x0.63 "

CJMCU Plant Watering Alarm Humidity Moisture Sensor For Arduino

SKU: 2347
PKR  390
Description: plant watering alarm Durable and practical Top Sales Item Plant Watering Alarm Sensor This sensor will be silent when it?s dark and will restrict itself from making too much noise. This is a plant watering alarm - as simple as that. You put it into the soil near a plant and it emits a tiny chirp when the soil is dry, reminding you to water the plant. It uses capacitive humidity sensing as opposed to resistive humidity sensing, this means, it does not make an electric contact with the soil, avoiding electrode corrosion and soil electrolysis and resulting in better accuracy and longer battery life.

DC 100V 50A Dual Digital Voltmeter Ammeter LED Amp Volt Meter

SKU: 2360
PKR  1,450
Power Supply (Measure Voltage): DC 4.5-100V Measure Voltage Range:0-100v Measure voltage 10V, Min resolution: 0.1V Measure Current: 50A forward current ( more than 10A need shunt) Current Resolution: 0.01A Operating Current: <20mA Display: 0.28 "LED monochrome?red and red) Dimensions: 48 x 29 x 21 mm Cutting Size: 45 x 26 mm Measurement rate: ? 500mS / times Accuracy: 1% (? 1 digit ) Operating Temperature: -10?c ~ +65?c Operating Humidity: 10 ~ 80% (non-condensing) Working pressure: 80 ~ 106kPa

Digital 40M Digital Laser Distance Rangefinder Meter Measuring Tool

SKU: 2575
PKR  4,200
Measuring range : 0.05 to 40 meter Measuring accuracy : ?1.5mm Measuring units: m/in/ft Power: AAA 1.5V times; 2pcs (batteries not included) Laser class: Class 2 Laser soecifications : 635 nm, <1mW Display: 4 lines display with backlight Working temperature : -10 - +50 celcious Storage temperature : -25 - + 65 celcious

Digital 60M Digital Laser Distance Rangefinder Meter Measuring Tool

SKU: 2311
PKR  3,250
Measuring range : 0.05 to 60 meter Measuring accuracy : ?1.5mm Measuring units: m/in/ft Power: AAA 1.5V times; 2pcs (batteries not included) Laser class: Class 2 Laser soecifications : 635 nm, <1mW Display: 4 lines display with backlight Working temperature : -10 - +50 celcious Storage temperature : -25 - + 65 celcious

Drill Machine 600watt Electric Pure Copper Winding Variable Drill Machine

SKU: 2574
PKR  12,000
Drill Machine 600watt Electric Pure Copper Winding Variable Drill Machine Imported RLEAO Brand. Large 89 Piece Complete Toolkit Set (All In One). 600watt Drill Machine. 13MM Drill Bit Size. Adjustable Super Fast 2800rpm For Fast Drilling. Variable Speed Function. Two Way Rotation Function. Simple Drill Function. Hilti Drill Function. Impact Drill Function. Hammer Drill Function. Screw Driver Fucttion. 2 in 1 Drill + Screw Driver Function. Auto Switch Mode. 220volt Input Power. Comfortable Soft Double Grip. Extra Powerful Professional & Home Use.

DT-830B Screen Digital Multimeter Volt Ohm Meter Ammeter

SKU: 2452
PKR  690
Description : DT-830B Screen Digital Multimeter Volt Ohm Meter Ammeter Measuring Voltage Range : DC Voltage : 200mV 2V 20V 200V 600V Measuring Current Range : 2mA, 20mA, 200mA, 10A Measuring Resistance Range : 200O, 2KO,20KO,200KO ,2MO,20MO,200MO,2MO Size : 145 x 70 x 40mm Operating Temperature : 20-40

DT3266L AC/DC Handheld Digital Clamp Meter

SKU: 2582
PKR  1,050
1) 3 1/2 digits LCD with a Max. Reading of 1999 2) Diode and Buzzer function 3) Low battery indication 4) Overload protection 5) Data hold for easy reading 1) DC voltage: 600V (?1.0%) 2) AC voltage: 450V ( ?1.2% ) 3) OHM: 200K? (?1.0%) 4) ACA: 20-400A (?2.0%) 5) Power supply: (AAA) 1.5V?2 6) Data hold: YES 7) Dimension 150L?63W?27.5Hmm

DT9205A Digital Multimeter AC/DC Voltmeter Ammeter Resistance Capacitance Meter Tester Tool

SKU: 2449
PKR  1,199
This Digital multimeter is a kind of convenient operation, accurate reading, complete function, small size, easy to carry and use battery as power, handheld and large LCD screen multimeter, 3 1/2 digits display , can be used to measure DC voltage/current, AC voltage/current, resistance, capacitance testing, diode and transistor. Big LCD screen display Durable,diode transistor measurements AC/DC voltage current,resistance,frequency,temp,capacitance,continuity measurements Overload protection Low battery indication

DVB Power Board Eastern HD Receiver Power Supply OST-ME8119

SKU: 2235
PKR  350
model:OST-ME8119 Port nominal voltage:+5V +12V Rated current:1.5A 400MA Maximum current:2A 500MA Actual voltage output:+4.9V-+5V +10.5V-+12.5V