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0.9V ~ 5V to 5V 600MA USB Output charger step up Power Module Mini DC-DC Boost Converter

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PKR  220
input voltage: 1-5V Output voltage: 5.1-5 .2 V Output Current: Rated 1A-1.5A (single lithium input), the maximum 1.5A (single lithium input) Efficiency: Up to 96% (the higher the input voltage, the higher the efficiency)


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Speed: 350-5000 rpm Rated Torque: 1.1-12.0 in-lbs Output Power: .01-.21 hp Frame Sizes: 60, 80, 108 mm Brush card or replaceable brushes Standard brush life of 2000+ hours

12V 8A Switch Dimmer Brightness Adjustable Controller for DC motor LED Strip Light

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Adjust the light soft and stable, no flickering PWM digital dimming, avoid rush current, protect your LED lights Mainly use to adjust single color LED light lamps and Led Strip

150W DC-DC Boost Converter 10-32V to 12-35V 6A Step Up Voltage Charger Power

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PKR  600
Input voltage :10-32V Output voltage: 12-35V (adjustable) Output Current: 6A (MAX) Input Current: 10A (MAX) (Please enhance heat dissipation if more than 10A) Output power: natural cooling 100W (MAX), enhance heat dissipation 150W (MAX) Easy to drive 65W 90W dual-core notebook.

2 CHANNEL 5v RELAY Module 2-channel

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Relay contact capacity 250V10A. Relay output normally open, normally closed; • active low. 5V relay signal input voltage range :0-5V; • VCC system power. JD-VCC relay power. Default 5V relay. JD-VCC and VCC shorted

20N60 MOSFET W20NM60FD N-CHANNEL 20A 600V 3-PIN TO-247

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STW20NM60FD - W20NM60FD N-CHANNEL MOSFET 20A 600V 3-PIN TO-247 Product Condition : Refurbished Absolute Maximum Ratings 1. Drain?source voltage : VDSS = 600 V 2. Drain?gate voltage (RGS = 20 k?) : VDGR = 600 V 3. Gate?source voltage : VGSS = ?30 V 4. Drain power dissipation (Tc = 25?C) : PD = 192W 5. Single pulse avalanche energy : EAS = 663 mJ 6. Avalanche current : IAR = 20 A 7. Repetitive avalanche energy : EAS = 700 mJ

220V to 12V 5A 60W Universal Regulated Switching Power Supply

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PKR  750
Input voltage : 110~220V AC Output Voltage: 12V DC Output Current: 5A Output Power: 60W buy in Pakistan

2SC5200 Power TOSHIBA Transistor Silicon NPN Triple Diffused Type

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2SC5200 Power TOSHIBA Transistor Silicon NPN Triple Diffused Type Product Condition : Refurbished Where to use 2SC5200 Transistor High-power NPN Transistor DC Current Gain (hFE) 55 to 160 Continuous Collector current (IC) is 15A Collector-Emitter voltage (VCE) is 230 V Collector-Base voltage (VCB) is 230V Emitter Base Voltage (VBE) is 5V Transition Frequency is 30MHz Available in To-264 Package

3V to 5V to 9V 2A USB Output Voltage Step-up Module Boost Converter

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Note:Output voltage must be higher than Input Voltage Input Voltage:2-6V(less than 3V,output power cut down) Output Voltage:3.3V-9V adjustable(Input voltage must less than output voltage) Output Current:Rated 2000mA (2.8V-3V input, 5V output, 1500MA output,(single lithium battery higher 2600MAH input,5V output, output current can up to 2000MA) Note:Output voltage higher than 6V,Please connect power first,then connect load line

40*40mm Aluminum Water Cooling Block for Liquid Water Cooler Heat Sink System Silver Use For PC,Laptop CPU

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Internal flow channel extrusion forming Brazing parts into a whole Leak rate of less than 5X10-6 mbar.l/s parts Internal fin thickness 0.5MM Spacing: 1 MM Connect: 9mm ID tube

40X80 Aluminum Water Cooling Block Liquid 40 x 80 x 12mm Water Cooler

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Internal flow channel extrusion forming. Brazing parts into a whole. Leak rate of less than 5X10-6 mbar.l/s. The internal flow path is double U-shaped waterway.