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12V 70 ℃ Heater Plate Thermostat PTC Aluminum Electric Heating element

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PKR  500
This PTC part is used for heating air or solid. the PTC meterial has a characteristic that it is constant temperature on the surface. material insulation consistent temperature big power, easy use small size heater for water, cup, gas, application as Hair straightener,yogurt maker,Instrumentation humidification, Chocolate extrusion,coffee maker. car and components preheating 12V PTC 70c Heating Element heater Thermos

12v Liquid Water Level Controller Sensor Module Water Tank full device off motor

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PKR  950
This product is based on the actual needs of the family factories and pumping and the detection of the pool (water tower) to control the water level to achieve control. With a small, simple wiring, low power consumption, high switching capacity, interference is strong, functional stability characteristics. Automatically open when you can stably pool (water tower) water pump (solenoid) pumping,automatically stops the pump (solenoid) when full of water. Local flooding can also be used for automatic rain drainage, such as garages, basements, etc Material: Electronic Components The product does not need to buy another probe, using household wiring can replace probe

20A Range ACS712 Module Current Sensor Module ACS712ELCTR

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20A range ACS712 module current sensor module 1, current sensor chip: ACS712ELC-20A; 2 pin, 5V power supply, the power indicator board; 3, the module can measure positive and negative 5 ampere current, corresponding analog output 185mV/A; 4, no detection current through, the output voltage is VCC/2; 5, PCB board size: 31 (mm) x13 (mm); Note: ACS712 is based on the principle of Holzer detection, please try to avoid the use of magnetic field to this effect!

41F Hall Bipolar Element Electric Car Motor Sensor Hall Sensor

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PKR  25
41F Hall Bipolar Element Electric Car Motor Sensor Hall Sensor Model: 41f Hall Switch Package: TO-92 Number of pins: 3 Voltage supply: 4.5V ~ 24V Operating temperature range: -40?C ~ +150?C Storage temperature range: -55?C ~ +150?C

5A Range Current Sensor Module ACS712 Arduino Board 5V Measuring

SKU: 2193
PKR  250
Chip: ACS712ELC-5A Supply Power: 5V Measuring range: 5A Analog output: 200 mv/A When there is no the detection current , the output voltage is VCC / 2 PCB board dimension:31x13mm

6×2.2mm HQ microphone condenser mic transducer

SKU: 2244
PKR  30
Model No.:EM-6022P Temperature: -2 to 70C Humidity: 35 to 85 RH Pressure: 86 to 106Kpa Environmental Noise: 36dB (Maximum) Operation Voltage:1 to 10VDC Size:6x2.2mm

9.7x7mm HQ microphone condenser mic transducer

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PKR  20
Model No.:EM-9070P Temperature: -2 to 70C Humidity: 35 to 85 RH Pressure: 86 to 106Kpa Environmental Noise: 36dB (Maximum) Operation Voltage:1 to 10VDC Size:9.7x7mm

A3144 A3144E OH3144 Y3144 Hall Effect Sensor Hall Sensor Motor

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PKR  25
Size: approx. 1.85 x 0.3cm/ 0.73" x 0.12" Limit parameter (25 ) Power supply voltage VCC: 24V Output reverse breakdown voltage Vce: 50V Output low current IOL: 50mA Storage temperature range TS: -65 ~ 150 Operating temperature TA : E :-20 ~ 85 , L:-40 ~ 150 This sensor has 3 pins

ACS712 30A Current Sensor Module Detector – ACS712ELC 30A Amps Amperage Range

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1, the current sensor chips: ACS712ELC-30A; 2, pin 5V power supply, on-board power indicator; 3, the module can measure positive and negative 30 amps, analog output 66mV / A; 4, when no current is detected by the output voltage is VCC / 2;

AH3503 3503 Linear Hall Effect Sensor

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AH35 Series Hall sensor is an analog signal outputs Hall IC, output voltage varies with the intensity of the magnetic field. The sensor chip has built-in reverse voltage protection, voltage regulators, temperature compensation circuit, Hall voltage generator, signal amplifier etc circuit uint. Excellent voltage regulator and temperature compensation circuit enable the sensor stable operation within a wide voltage range and temperature range, the reverse voltage protection circuit avoids the sensor being reverse voltage damage. AH3503 3503 TO-92UA Casing Linear Hall Effect Sensor

Allegro A1324Lua-T High-Precision Linear Hall Effect Sensor

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Allegro MicroSystems Linear Hall effect sensor

Linear Hall Effect sensor

Model Number: A1324LUA-T

A1324 Low Noise, Linear Hall Effect Sensor ICs with Analog Output
New applications for

Arduino KY-008 Laser Sensor Module 650nm 6mm 5V 5mW Red Dot Laser

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Dot laser Operating voltage 5V Power 5Mw Wavelength 650n m OD 6mm 1 This 5V laser head very easy to use, do controllable laser pointer, theft detection, etc. interesting application devices. (2) Whenever the laser can not point to themselves or others eyes, even if the case is closed the laser will have to open the possibility of error. 3, the laser is not a toy, do not give children, mental insufficiency, for people who do not understand the use of the laser characteristics, in this case, can easily lead to injury. 4, the use of lasers should wear special goggles, for the invisible laser, this point is particularly important. 5, the laser can not shine in vehicles, aircraft and other transport vehicles someone.