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10A 120W lighting Transformers 100V -265V AC to DC 12V

SKU: 1202
DC 12V 10A Switch Power Supply Adapter
Input Voltage:  AC100V-265V
Output Voltage: DC 12V
Output Current: 10A
Shell Material: Metal case / Aluminum case
Safety Compliance: FCC / CE /Rohs
High price-effective, reliability with industry standards

10A 3s li-ion lithium battery charger 18650 11.1V 12.6V BMS PCB protection board

SKU: 1825
Suitable range: For nominal voltage 3.6V 3.7V lithium battery(Including 18650,26650, lithium polymer batteries) Product Size: 64mmx20mmx3.4mm Material:Metal Charging voltage: 12.6V Maximum output current: 10A Maximum output power / charging power: 252W

10×5 mm Strong Round Magnets Neodymium N35 Magnet NdFeB

SKU: 2894
10x5 mm Strong Round Magnets Neodymium N35 Magnet Rare Earth Magnet 10*0mm NdFeB Material: Magnet Shape: Disc Size:10x5mm Grade: N35 Silver color Plating: Ni-Cu-Ni (nickel) ?Tolerance:0.1-0.6mm (all magnets have tolerance) Material: NdFeB permanent Magnets Grade:N35 Max Operating Temperature: 80 Celsius degree / 176 Fahrenheit degree Plating: Nickel+Copper+Nickel triple layer plated


SKU: 2203
Speed: 350-5000 rpm Rated Torque: 1.1-12.0 in-lbs Output Power: .01-.21 hp Frame Sizes: 60, 80, 108 mm Brush card or replaceable brushes Standard brush life of 2000+ hours

12V 1.5W Solar Panel for Cellular Phone Charger Home Light Toy etc Solar Cell DIY

SKU: 1581
Solar Panel Excellent Weak Light Effect High Conversion Rate & Efficiency Output Suitable for Charging Cellphone and Small DC Batteries Build Your DIY Powered Models,Solar Display and Solar Toys Power: 1.5W Voltage: 12V Material:Monocrystalline Silicon 115x85mm


SKU: 1841
Switching capacity available by 10A in spite of small size design for highdensity P.C. board mounting technique. • UL,CUL,TUV recognized. • Selection of plastic material for high temperature and better chemical solution performance. • Sealed types available. • Simple relay magnetic circuit to meet low cost of mass production.

12V 2.4W LED COB lamp lights

SKU: 1919
Injection LED module Color temparature: white:6000K~6500K,warm white:3000K~3500K. Working voltage: DC 12V Power: 2.4W/PCS Size: 50 * 30 *3mm IP Rating: IP65 waterproof Structure&Material:Aluminum PCB.PVC cover Standard cascade : 500 pcs Light Source Life: >50000H Use environment: -40 degrees - +50 degrees celsius Storage environment: -50 degrees - +60 degrees celsius With double adhensive glue

12V 6.5A Smart Compact Battery Charger High quality For Car, Motorcycle

SKU: 1720

220V TO 12V Converter
Converter Helps to charge your battery for Car, Motorcycle, Truck etc.
Input: AC 100-240 V, 50-60HZ
Output: DC 12V 6.5A
LED indicator: Green = charging.....Red = Battery full Short circuit protection (LED goes out, charging stops)
Wrong connection protection (LED turns red, charging stops)
Battery is full (LED turns red, charging stops)

12V 70 ℃ Heater Plate Thermostat PTC Aluminum Electric Heating element

SKU: 1631
This PTC part is used for heating air or solid. the PTC meterial has a characteristic that it is constant temperature on the surface. material insulation consistent temperature big power, easy use small size heater for water, cup, gas, application as Hair straightener,yogurt maker,Instrumentation humidification, Chocolate extrusion,coffee maker. car and components preheating 12V PTC 70c Heating Element heater Thermos

12V 8A Switch Dimmer Brightness Adjustable Controller for DC motor LED Strip Light

SKU: 1189
Adjust the light soft and stable, no flickering PWM digital dimming, avoid rush current, protect your LED lights Mainly use to adjust single color LED light lamps and Led Strip

12V Battery Capacity Indicator 4 LEDs Display for 3S Battery 11.1-12.6v

SKU: 1959
3.7v Li-po Battery Indicator 3S High reliability, low cost and compact size. LED Flash for low charge warning. Memory option to recall quantity of electricity. Specifically designed to monitor the power level of battery while charging or discharging. Provides instant battery status to permit effective management of the charging. Display of 4 segment LED bar graph. Easy to install and operate.

12V DC 1.1A Electric Lock Assembly big Solenoid Cabinet Drawer Door Lock

SKU: 2673
12V DC 1.1A Electric Lock Assembly Solenoid Cabinet Drawer Door Lock Voltage: DC 12V Current: 1.1A Energized Forms: Intermittent Magnetic Force: 0.3kg Unlocking Time: 1s Continuously Energized: ?20s Rated Stroke: 10mm Cable Length: 240mm Size: 55?42?29mm