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5815M RDA5815M QFN-20 Signal IC Original DG series

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5815M RDA5815M QFN-20 Signal IC Single-chip RF-to-baseband Satellite receiver CMOS Fully integrated RF front end Low noise and wide dynamic range zero-IF receiver Input frequency range: 900 to 2200 MHz Input signal level: -100 to 5 dBm More than 85dB gain control range Fully integrated PLL (dividers, charge pump, phase & frequency detectors, loop filters, etc.) Integrated RX VCO Integrated baseband LPF with selectable cut-off frequency from 4MHz to 40MHz with 1MHz step Integrated LNAwith RF AGC Integrated reference oscillator (27MHz is defult) I 2C bus interface Automatic gain control 0.11?m RF CMOS technology 3V to 3.6V operation