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3S 60A Protection Charging Board PCM BMS 18650 Li-ion Lithium Battery for Drill Motor

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Charging voltage: 12.6V - 13.6V Type:enhanced version,balanced version Model: BMS-60A-3S Item:Battery Charger Protection Board Scope of application: Suitable for lithium batteries with nominal voltage of 3.7V and full voltage of 4.2V (including 18650, 26650, polymer lithium batteries, no size limit). Continuous discharge current (upper limit): 60A (If the heat dissipation environment is not good, please reduce the load current) Continuous charging current (upper limit): 15A Enhanced version version: Suitable for electric drills with a starting current of 120A or less and a power of 260W or less. Balance version: Suitable for electric drills with starting current below 120A and power below 260W, with balanced charging function.