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FC-33 10mm Arduino RPM Sensor Rotational Speed Measuring Sensor

SKU: 3286
PKR  120
  1. Using imported groove optical coupling sensor, width 5mm.
  2. It have the output state light, if output high level, the lights are off. if output low level ,it on.
  3. If it covered,it will output high level;otherwise it output low level.
  4. Good signal and waveform, with strong driving ability for more than 15mA.
  5. The working voltage of 3.3V to 5V.
  6. Output: digital switch output (0 and 1).
  7. Equipped with a fixed bolt hole, easily install.
  8. Small board PCB size: 3.2 cm x 1.4 cm.
  9. Use the LM393 wide voltage comparer.

SW3518 module Fast Charging DC6-32V QC4.0 PD3.0 USB Type-C Mobile Phone Fast Quick Charger VOOC for SCP FCP

SKU: 3288
PKR  1,050
Features: 1. Indicator light: blue light is output indicator, red light is fast charge status indicator 2. Dual independent current limiting 3. Support multi-protocol: USB PD3.0 (PPS) support Qualcomm QC4+/QC4.0/QC3.0 support Huawei SCP/FCP support OPPO VOOC partial support Apple 2.4A support Samsung AFC support OnePlus DASH support VIVO 9V2A dual-engine flash charging support MediaTek PE2.0 support