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Mini Hanging Neck Fan Portable USB Rechargeable Silent Cooling Fan

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PKR  1,450
  • Stay powered up on-the-go with the Rechargeable USB Mini Neck Fan for sports, travel, and outdoor ventures.
  • Embrace hands-free cooling and explore the outdoors with the innovative Neck Fan design.
  • Enjoy a refreshing breeze with the Super 360° Hanging Neck Fan, ideal for hot days.
  • Keep cool while working in the kitchen thanks to the Bladeless Hanging Neck Fan.
  • Stay comfortable during workouts, travels, and outdoor escapades with the Portable Summer Air Cooling Neck Fan.
  • Recharge easily and stay cool longer with the Rechargeable USB Mini Neck Fan's convenient power source.
  • Don't let summer slow you down - rely on the Neck Fan's efficient cooling during sport, travel, and outdoor fun.
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Last updated: March 2, 2024