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Resistor – 1 Ohm / 1W Metal Oxide buy in Pakistan

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Resistor – 1 Ohm / 1W Metal Oxide

Product Description:

Metal Oxide resistors are for applications requiring high temperature stability.  These 1 ohm power resistors are ideal for inclusion in series with the cathode (pin 8) of any octal power tube such as the 6L6, 6V6, 6550, EL34, 5881, KT66, KT88 etc. Known as the “cathode resistor bias method” simply replace the pin 8 ground wire with this 1 ohm resistor to allow bias current readings directly on any DMM.  You will need to install a 1 ohm resistor onto pin 8 for each power tube in the amp.


  • 1 watt
  • ± 5% tolerance
  • -55° C to 240° C operating range
  • 350 V working, 600 V overload
  • Excellent flame retardant coating
  • Stable performance in diverse conditions
  • High purity ceramic core
  • EIA color coded
  • 12mm long x 5mm diameter 

Package include: 

           1x  Resistor -1 Ohm /1 Watt Metal Oxide

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