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Soft Silicone Heel Anti Crack Care Set

cracked heels are also known as heel fissures, simply meaning a split in the skin around the heel. The skin can split for a few different reasons. The skin could be too hard and dry or it could be too soft and wet making it split more easily. Skin fissures can also affect other parts of the foot, not just the heels, such as the skin around the toes. Some conditions can also make the skin more likely to split, such as athlete’s foot.The skin splits when it is not flexible enough to cope with the pressure it is put under during walking and standing. The skin gets its flexibility from water in the skin so it can become inflexible when it is thick and hard or when it is dry. When pressure is put onto the heel from the body weight it would usually need to stretch and spread out a little to cope with the weight. If the heel cannot stretch because the skin is inflexible it will split.Cracked HeelsSilicone Gel Heel Protector Foot Care Pain Relief Anti-cracking Sock. Silicone Gel Heel Protector- White Breathable Heel Sock Foot Care Pain Relief Anti-cracking Cushion Pad Prevent Heel Bone Blisters. Scholl Cracked Heel Stick is a handy portable stick to help maintain moisture levels to keep heels soft and smooth.DirectionsAdvice: Wear daily to cracked heels, then as needed to maintain the results. Suitable for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on open, bleeding or infected skin. Do not use on other foot conditions.If irritation occurs immediately discontinue use.
  • Item type: heel protective sleeve
  • Material: medical silica
  • Color: skin color
  • Gender: unisex
  • Size: free size
  • Function: protect heel
  • Feature: super thin, keep foot balance, protect foot
  • Quantity: 1 pair
Package includes:
1 x  Soft Silicone Heel Anti Crack Care Set
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