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UC3843 IC – (SMD SOP-8 Package) – Current-Mode PWM Controller 8 Pin IC
UC3843 PWM Controller IC SMD
The UC3843 SMD IC is a current Mode PWM Controller, meaning it can be used to provide a constant
current by varying the output voltage to the load. While building Switch mode supplies with feedback
there are two modes of control that is commonly used, one is voltage mode control where the output
voltage will kept constant irrespective of the current (CV mode) and the other is current mode control
where the output current will be constant (C mode) irrespective of the voltage.
UC3843 SMD ic
Current-Mode PWM controller
Operating Voltage: 7.0V to 8.2V
Output pin current: 1A
Analog input range: -0.3 to 6.3V
Oscillation Frequency: 52 Typically
Gain: 3V
Maximum source current: 22mA
Low Output Voltage: 0.08V
High Output Voltage: 13.5V
Package Included:
1x UC3843BN SMD IC – PWM Controller IC (8-Pin)

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