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Last updated: 7 May, 2024

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Product Description:
LA4440 LA444O SIP-14 Audio power amplifier IC
LA4440 / CD4440 6W 2-Channel, Bridge 19W Type Power Amplifier,This is a 19 watt simple amplifier
circuit diagram using IC LA4440 from Sanyo.It uses very less components other than the IC LA4440.
A very high quality circuit with respect to its cost and ideal for beginners. Here IC LA4440 is wired as
a bridge amplifier to deliver a 19 W Rms on a 4 Ohm speaker. The IC has built in thermal, over voltage
and short circuit protection.The IC also incorporates a audio muting function,but that is not used here.
Built-in 2 Channels (Dual) Enabling Use in Stereo and Bridge Amplifier Applications.
Dual : 6 W × 2 (typ)
Bridge : 19 W (typ)
Minimum Number of External Parts Required
Small Pop Noise at the Time of Power Supply ON/OFF and Good Starting Balance
Good Ripple Rejection: 46 dB (typ)
Good Channel Separation
Small Residual Noise (Rg=0)
Low Distortion over a Wide Range from Low Frequencies to High Frequencies
Easy to Design Radiator Fin
Built-in Audio Muting Function
Built-in Protectors
♦ Thermal Protector
♦ Overvoltage, Surge Voltage Protector
♦ Pin-to-pin Short Protector
Package Includes :
1x IC LA4440 6W 2 Channel Bridge 19W Power Amplifier

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