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LD1117V33 TO-220 voltage regulator LD1117 3.3 LD1117AV33 buy in Pakistan

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The LD1117 is a LOW DROP Voltage Regulator able to provide up to 800mA of Output Current, available even in adjustable version (Vref=1.25V). Concerning fixed versions, are offered the following Output Voltages: 1.2V,1.8V,2.5V,2.85V, 3.0V 3.3V and 5.0V. The 2.85V type is ideal for SCSI-2 lines active termination. The device is supplied in: SOT-223, DPAK, SO-8 and TO-220. The SOT-223 and DPAK surface mount packages optimize the thermal characteristics even offering a relevant space saving effect. High efficiency is assured by NPN pass transistor. In fact in this case, unlike than PNP one, the Quiescent Current flows mostly into the load. Only a very common 10µF minimum capacitor is needed for stability. On chip trimming allows the regulator to reach a very tight output voltage tolerance, within ± 1% at 25°C. The ADJUSTABLE LD1117 is pin to pin compatible with the other standard. Adjustable voltage regulators maintaining the better performances in terms of Drop and Tolerance.

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