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3V to 5V to 9V 2A USB Output Voltage Step-up Module Boost Converter buy in Pakistan

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Last updated: 10 May, 2023

کسٹمر کو رقم ادائیگی سے پہلے پارسل کھولنے کی اجازت ہے

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  • Small size design,high power,Output Current 2000MA,high efficiency, average efficiency can up to 94%,with under voltage indicator function.
  • Under voltage indicator function:
  • When the voltage is enough the indicator is Bule light.When voltage below 2.7V the indicator is off, you should charge as soon as possible, in order to avoid damage the battery.
  • Input:IN+ input is positive, IN- input negative
  • Output:standard USB(we also sell without USB)
  • Size:35.6mm(L)*20mm(W)*9(H) mm(include Potentiometer,high is 13mm)

Module Features:

  • Note:Output voltage must be higher than Input Voltage
  • Input Voltage:2-6V(less than 3V,output power cut down)
  • Output Voltage:3.3V-9V adjustable(Input voltage must less than output voltage)
  • Output Current:Rated 2000mA (2.8V-3V input, 5V output, 1500MA output,(single lithium battery higher 2600MAH input,5V output, output current can up to 2000MA)
  • Note:Output voltage higher than 6V,Please connect power first,then connect load line
  • Conversion efficiency:the average is 90% (the higher the input voltage, the higher the efficiency)
  • Output ripple:50mV (MAX)
  • Operating temperature:Industrial grade (-40° to +85°)
  • Full load temperature rise:20°
  • static Current:130uA(No LED)
  • Load regulation:±1%
  • Voltage regulation rate:±0.5%


Some Applications:

  • DIY portable power supply.This module + A lithium or 2-3 NiMH battery,can make a 5V power supply for your Phone/MP3/MP4/PDA/PSP etc.
  • Adjust the voltage.
  • Regulated Power Supply.When your power supply is unstable, or you need a 5V power supply, can use this module DIY.

Other introduction:

  • When input connect phone battery for use,please use a few pieces battery in parallel as input.Because mobile phone battery capacity and protection board power very low, easily cause the battery internal overcurrent protection board protection. When the module full load output,the actual average input current is about 3.6V3.5A, so you should prepare the input power enough or higher.
  • Input line have better use bigger line (1.5-2 square mm), line length as short as possible (preferably within 10cm)
  • Step-up voltage for solar panels,please note:This module only step-up voltage,can not step-up power.If use solar as power,please make sure input power higher than output power 1.1 double at anytime.
  • With IPHONE, IPOD identification circuit, you can use the original data cable for charge. Identification circuit suitable for most mobile phones and other digital products (but not all,that is impossible).
  • This module uses the high power components, output current can up to 2000mA, and solve the soft-start function, greatly reduces the current at the moment of staring,enhance the overall reliability.
  • Output 3-9V adjustable(total power can not higher than 10W,the higher output voltage,the lower input voltage,output power will cut down and leave enough margin.)
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