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CA-1253 12V DC To 5-3V Step Down Voltage Converter Module with wires buy in Pakistan

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Last updated: 2 May, 2024

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Product description:

CA-1253 DC12V to DC5V/3.3V 3A Converter Step Down Module Power Supply Board
12V to 12V 5V 3.3V
· High quality components ensures high conversion efficiency, up to 92%.
· The on-board high precision super durable potentiometer, directly adjusts the output voltage.
· Output short circuit protection, even the output short circuit will not damage this module.
· High frequency and low resistance electrolytic capacitor (LOW ESR) for switching power supply,
ensure that the output ripple is less than 50mV (when pure resistance load, 5V, 3A).
· Overheating protection function, automatic protection when over IC operating temperature limit.
Module Number: CA-1253
Item Type: Step-Down Module
Material: PCB
Input Voltage: 12V
Output Voltage: 12V, 5V, 3.3V
Maximum Continuous Output Current: 3A
Working Frequency: 380KHZ
Maximum Efficiency: 92%
Weight: Approx. 18g
Package List:
1x CA-1253 DC12V to DC5V/3.3V 3A Step-Down Module

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