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1-8S Lipo/Li-ion/Fe Battery Low Voltage Meter Tester Buzzer Alarm

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PKR  280
The voltage monitor is used to detect 1S ~ 8S lithium batteries, and automatically detect the voltage of each cell lithium battery and total voltage. Supports reverse connection protection. It allows you to work anywhere in the understanding of the state of your battery, so your battery will not overcharge and over discharge or cause damage. When the voltage drops below the set value, the buzzer sounded, the red LED flashes; factory default setting is 3.3V, press the button to change the voltage setting, automatically save the user's current settings.

100A 220V AC 4 in 1 Voltmeter Power Meter Ammeter Multimeter LCD Panel

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PKR  2,250
Test voltage: 80-260V AC Working frequency: 45-65Hz The working voltage: 80-260V AC Maximum power: 100A / 22000W The measuring accuracy: Class 1 Threshold setting Watt range: 0-22.0kW The coil / current transformer color:sent at random

10A 120W lighting Transformers 100V -265V AC to DC 12V

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PKR  1,450
DC 12V 10A Switch Power Supply Adapter
Input Voltage:  AC100V-265V
Output Voltage: DC 12V
Output Current: 10A
Shell Material: Metal case / Aluminum case
Safety Compliance: FCC / CE /Rohs
High price-effective, reliability with industry standards

12V Battery Capacity Indicator 4 LEDs Display for 3S 9-12.6V Battery

SKU: 1430
PKR  220
Battery Capacity:(9-12.6V) Electricity Display Indication:25% first light is on(voltage:10V);50% second light is on (voltage:10.8V);75% third light is on (voltage:11.5V);100% fourth light is on (voltage:12.5V) Using Method:connect respectively module's positive and negative with battery's positive and negative;push the microswitch,then electricity quantity can be judged according to the brightness of indicator light

12V DC voltmeter range 8 – 30V LED Digital Voltage Panel Meter

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PKR  190
Range: DC8-30V (No need aditional power) Display: Three 0.56'' LED digital tube Display color: red Refresh rate: about 500mS / times Input: DC voltage (<2 times the range) Resolution: 1% +1 digit

35W dc battery load capacity tester resistor CC aging with Oled screen

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PKR  5,400
Industrial discharge load USB tester 35W dc battery load capacity tester resistor CC aging with Oled screen Product parameters: Operating voltage: DC3.5V-25 V (compatible with Qualcomm QC2.0 of A / B protocol 5V / 9V / 12V / 20V) Constant discharge current: 0-3A adjustable (coarse adjustment knob to adjust the 0-3A range, fine-tuning knob to adjust the fine tuning +/- 0.2A to achieve constant fine) Current Operating error: no more than 2%+3mA Continuous rated discharge power: 35W (20V, if the high-pressure, continuous discharge current as possible less than 1.5A, the power to avoid overloading caused by excessive discharge FET) Threshold of Smart Temperature Control: when the temperature﹥55℃(131℉), the fan would automatically work; when﹤45℃(113℉), the fan would automatically turn back off Detector of Smart Temperature Control: premium NTC thermistor Switching Regulator IC Frequency for Fan: 1.2MHZ Power Indicator: Blue LED Chip

DC 100V 10A Voltmeter Ammeter Dual Digital Volt Meter Gauge

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PKR  550
Working voltage:4.5-30V DC Note: The maximum input voltage can not exceed 30V, otherwise there is the danger of burning Working current:≤20mA Display: 0.28" Two color blue and red

DC 100V 50A Red Blue Digital Voltmeter Ammeter 2 in1 DC Volt Amp Meter With Shunt

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PKR  1,550
Operating voltage:DC 4 ~ 30V Measure voltage: DC 0 ~ 100V Minimum resolution(V): 0.1V Measure current :50A (require external shunt) Minimum resolution(A): 0.1A Operating current: <20mA Display: three 0.28" LED digital tube Display color: Red and Blue (two-color display) Refresh rate: about 300mS / times Measure accuracy: 1% (± 1 digit) Operating temperature: -10 to 65° c Operating Humidity: 10 to 80% (non-condensing) Working pressure: 80 to 106 kPa Applications:Suitable for automotive/electric cars/motorcycles battery monitoring or other products voltage current measurement

Digital Clamp Meter MT87

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PKR  1,080
1) 3 1/2 digits LCD with a Max. Reading of 1999 2) Diode and Buzzer function 3) Low battery indication 4) Overload protection 5) Data hold for easy reading 1) DC voltage: 600V (?1.0%) 2) AC voltage: 450V ( ?1.2% ) 3) OHM: 200K? (?1.0%) 4) ACA: 20-400A (?2.0%) 5) Power supply: (AAA) 1.5V?2 6) Data hold: YES 7) Dimension 150L?63W?27.5Hmm

Digital LCD Thermometer Temperature Gauge Aquarium Thermometer with Probe

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PKR  350
Type: Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Temperature Range: -50°c - 70°c Measuring Humidity Range: 10% RH - 99% RH Humidity Accuracy: 5% Humidity Display Resolution: 1% RH Temperature Accuracy: 1°C Operating Voltage: 1.5v, 2 x LR44 Batteries(Include) Sampling Period: 10S

Digital LCD Vernier Caliper 6 inches Gauge Carbon Fiber Micrometer

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150mm 6inch LCD Digital Electronic Carbon Fiber Vernier Caliper Gauge Micrometer Made of strong Plastic carbon fiber composites, lightweight and durable Two way measurement, internal and external Linear capacitive

Digital PH Meter Pen with LCD Tester accuracy 0.01 Aquarium Pool Water Wine Urine

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PKR  1,450
Display: LCD Digital Accuracy: 0.01 Resolution: 0.01 Operating Temperature: 0~60°C Measuring Range: 0.00~14.00 Probe Type: Precision glass bulb electrode Easy to Use: Simply immerse the pH meter electrode in the solution to be tested, readings are quickly display on a large lcd display Wide Application: Ideal instrument for any aquarium, the fishing industry, swimming pools, spa, school laboratories, food & beverage, drinking water etc. Auto Calibrated: Features in-built calibration with 2 buffer powders(included).Just press a button to finish the calibration. This pH meter is factory calibrated. Users can use it directly. Fast and Accurate Results: No need to work with those annoying color charts and test strips.Resolution: 0.01 pH, Accuracy: ±0.01 pH