0603 SMD LED Kits Red Yellow Blue Green White 5 colors

SKU: 3296
PKR  80
  • ModelNumber:0603-SMD-5Colors
  • Application:internationalstandard
  • OperatingTemperature:internationalstandard
  • SupplyVoltage:internationalstandard
  • DissipationPower:internationalstandard
  • Package:LED

1 Meter I Phone Lightning Fast Charging + Data Cable L Shape 90 Degree Charging Cable For Gaming

SKU: 3252
PKR  200

  • Charge your smartphone with this Lightning Fast Charging Cable
  • Enjoy smooth data transfers to/from computer laptops.
  • 1 Meter length cable
  • Fast Charging Cable.
  • 10,000+ Bend Lifespan; Lasts up to 10X longer than conventional cable.

10cm Male to Male, Male to Female and Female to Female Jumper Wire Dupont Cable

SKU: 1079
PKR  4
10cm 2.54mm 1pin Male to Male Jumper Wire Dupont Cable 2.54mm 1pin Male to Male Length:10cm If you need full set you can ask 40 cables as quantity.

120 pcs 10cm M2M + M2F + F2F Jumper Wire Dupont cables

SKU: 1114
PKR  400
Dupont line 120pcs 10cm male to male + male to female and female to female jumper wire Dupont cable for arduino High quality Jumper wires, length of cables is 10 cm for all cables

12V 2.4W LED COB lamp lights

SKU: 1919
PKR  25
Injection LED module Color temparature: white:6000K~6500K,warm white:3000K~3500K. Working voltage: DC 12V Power: 2.4W/PCS Size: 50 * 30 *3mm IP Rating: IP65 waterproof Structure&Material:Aluminum PCB.PVC cover Standard cascade : 500 pcs Light Source Life: >50000H Use environment: -40 degrees - +50 degrees celsius Storage environment: -50 degrees - +60 degrees celsius With double adhensive glue

12V 70 ℃ Heater Plate Thermostat PTC Aluminum Electric Heating element

SKU: 1631
PKR  500
This PTC part is used for heating air or solid. the PTC meterial has a characteristic that it is constant temperature on the surface. material insulation consistent temperature big power, easy use small size heater for water, cup, gas, application as Hair straightener,yogurt maker,Instrumentation humidification, Chocolate extrusion,coffee maker. car and components preheating 12V PTC 70c Heating Element heater Thermos

16 Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver-I2C interface PCA9685 module

SKU: 1969
PKR  1,200
5V compliant, and still talks to a 3.3V microcontroller. 6 “address select” pins for configuring up to 62 ICs on a single I2C bus PWM frequency adjustable up to approximately 1.6kHz 12-bit frequency resolution (equates to about 4µs resolution at 60Hz refresh rate) Configurable as push-pull or open-drain output Output enable pin available for outside-the-microcontroller “shut it down!” control.

16 Key 4×4 Membrane Switch Keypad 4*4 Matrix Array Smart Car keyboard for arduino Diy Kit

SKU: 2348
PKR  150
Contact resistance 500 () Insulation resistance 100 M Key FORCE OF 150-200N Bounce time 1 (MS) Life of 100 million (times) Operating temperature 60 () 1, the electronic characteristics Classification of the circuit: 35 V (DC), MA, 1 W Contact resistance: 10-500 (Varies according to lead lengths and is different from those of the material used) Insulation resistance: 100 M 100 V Dielectric strength: 250 VRms (50 ~ 60Hz 1 min) Electric shock jitter: <5 ms Service life: touch type: one million times 2, the mechanical properties Operating pressure: touch: 170-397g (6-14 oz) Travel switch: touch type: 0.6 ~ 1.5mm 3, environment parameters Operating temperature: -40 to + 80 Storage temperature: -40 to + 80 Temperature: 40.90% to 95%, 240 hours Vibration: 20G max (10 ~~ 200Hz Mil-SLD-202 M204. Condition B )

17cm Extension Cord UFL to RP SMA Connector Antenna WiFi Pigtail Cable SMA Jack Male SMA to IPX 1.13

SKU: 1822
PKR  350
Extension cable RP-SMA female bulkhead to Ufl. IPX connector SMA to IPX pigtail cable Product Series: RP-SMA to Ufl./Ipx cable Family: Coaxial, RF pigtail cable Gender: RP-SMA Jack,male pin/Ufl./Ipx Length: 17cm Cable type: 1.13 cabl

17cm Universal Waterproof Car/Motorcycle COB Color LED Strip Lights

SKU: 2387
PKR  220
Voltage: DC 12V Power: 6W Light in 3 Colours: Red,yellow,White (6000K-6500K) Luminous Flux: 500lm Material: Aluminum + COB Housing color: Black Size: 17.3cm X 1.7cm X 0.3cm Latest COB Chips inside. Total Lumen increased 80% than traditional DRL light Aluminium alloy frame, High temperature tolerance Wider light angle

18650 battery holder 5X3 bracket spacer Cell cylindrical

SKU: 3094
PKR  100
5x3 Battery Cell Spacer Radiating Shell Plastic Holder Bracket 18650 Cell 18650 3?5 Battery Cell Spacer/Holder is a cylindrical battery spacer, made of flame retardant ABS+PC materials, with high-temperature resistance and crack resistance

18650 battery holder bracket spacer Cell cylindrical li-ion 18650 battery

SKU: 1705
PKR  12
Features High Quality Plastic Bracket Cascadable to make larger battery packs. Plastic notches fit in the next bracket and provide rigid battery holding Small size, low weight, easy to carry 1X 18650 batteries side by side to form a compact battery pack Applications Battery holder for Robots Battery holder for Emergency Lights Battery holder for USB Power Banks Battery holder for Personal Tracker or Vehicle Trackers Battery holder for custom designed hand-held electronic gadgets.