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LTC1871 DC-DC Step up Boost Module Power Supply 3.5V to 30V 100W LED Voltmeter buy in Pakistan

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LTC1871 DC-DC Step up Boost Module Power Supply 3.5V to 30V 100W LED Voltmeter

1. Input voltage range :3.5-30V Note: 30V maximum voltage limit must be aggressive in order to avoid accidental damage.
2. Output voltage range :3.5-30V (boost mode, the input must be less than or equal to the output voltage).
3. Input Current: 6A maximum 10A output power: 100W.
4. Note: According to the law of conservation of power output current under nominal conditions.
5. UIN * Iin * efficiency = Uout * Iout (UIN: input voltage Iin: input current).
6. Size: 66mm * 42mm * 18mm Weight: 35 g / pcs.
7. The voltmeter accuracy: ± (5 ‰ +1 word).
8. Static power consumption: Typical 15ma
    (input voltage output voltage and the digital tube color is closely related to the actual current deviation).
9. IN +: Input the cathode IN-: Input negative OUT +: the output cathode OUT-: Negative output.
1: input and output voltage can be alternately displayed.
2: switched on can be freely defined.
3: with a button to turn off the digital control function, reduce power consumption.
Working mode:
Output voltage mode: the default boot display ** output voltage mode. * LED indicator turns off
Input voltage mode: press the switch once to switch to the input voltage mode **. * LED indicator lights
Alternating pattern: Once again press the switch input / output voltage alternating 3S alternately display data
(press again to return to the display mode of the output voltage)

Operation and digital display description:
[0] represents the default the boot display output voltage
[1] represents the default boot display input voltage
[2] represents the default open to input and output voltage are displayed alternately

Long press the button more than 2S digital tube display more information (in this case the key is released),

the module automatically remembers the current state of the default power-on state.

The digital tube close operation: long press button 4s until the digital tube display the contents of the LED is lit,

the display section has been closed. Press the button again to restore the display

Data test (voltmeter turned on):
3.7V turn 5V/2A efficiency of 82.5%
5V to 12V/2A efficiency of 88.4%
7.4V turn 12V/2A efficiency of 90.2%
12V switch 18V/2A efficiency of 93.6%
18V switch 24V/2A efficiency of 95.3%
24V turn 30V/2A efficiency of 97.1%

Summary: The higher the input voltage, the higher the efficiency. Close the voltmeter boost module
will get higher efficiency.
Package include:
1 x LTC1871 Step up Module + LED Voltmeter

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