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1200w 20A Dc Boost Step-up Converter

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  • Module name: 1200W boost constant current module
  • Module properties: non isolated boost module (BOOST)
  • Input voltage: 10-60V
  • Input current: 20A
  • Quiescent operating current: 15mA
  • Output voltage: 12-83V continuous adjustable
  • Output current: MAX 12A over 20A, please strengthen the
  • cooling (with input and output differential pressure, the greater
  • the pressure difference between the output current is small)
  • Constant current range: 0.3-20A
  • Output power: = input voltage  x 10A
  • Working temperature: -40~+85 degrees
  • Working frequency: 150KHz
  • Conversion efficiency: ≤95% (efficiency and input, output voltage,
  • current, pressure difference)
  • Installation: 4pcs 3mm column
  • Connection mode: welding output (please use big current and pure copper wire)
  • Module size: 130mmx52mmx46mm(LxWxH)
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Last updated: April 5, 2024

LTC1871 DC-DC Step up Boost Module Power Supply 3.5V to 30V 100W LED Voltmeter

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LTC1871 DC-DC Step up Boost Module Power Supply 3.5V to 30V 100W LED Voltmeter 1. Input voltage range :3.5-30V Note: 30V maximum voltage limit must be aggressive in order to avoid accidental damage. 2. Output voltage range :3.5-30V (boost mode, the input must be less than or equal to the output voltage). 3. Input Current: 6A maximum 10A output power: 100W. 4. Note: According to the law of conservation of power output current under nominal conditions. 5. UIN * Iin * efficiency = Uout * Iout (UIN: input voltage Iin: input current). 6. Size: 66mm * 42mm * 18mm Weight: 35 g / pcs. 7. The voltmeter accuracy: ? (5 ? +1 word). 8. Static power consumption: Typical 15ma (input voltage output voltage and the digital tube color is closely related to the actual current deviation). 9. IN +: Input the cathode IN-: Input negative OUT +: the output cathode OUT-: Negative output.
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Last updated: July 6, 2023

XL6019 5A DC-DC Step Up Boost Converter

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1. The XL6019 5A DC-DC Step Up Boost Converter Uses conventional BOOST complete constant voltage output scheme, internal integration of MOSFET, less peripheral devices, low system cost; 2. Wide voltage range input, input voltage up to 35V;the output voltage can be adjusted, and the maximum can be supported by 40V. 3. Built in over temperature protection, over-current protection full set of reliability and protection circuit, high reliability. 4. The system conversion efficiency can reach more than 90%, which is convenient for thermal design. 5.  TO263-5L standard package, suitable for boosting applications within 30W. Specification: – Material: PCB Board – Size: 5cm/1.97inch
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Last updated: April 1, 2024