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Humidity Controller Module Sensor Sensitive Switch 5V Relay buy in Pakistan

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5V Humidity Sensitive Switch Relay Module , Humidity Controller Humidity Sensor Module


– Use thermistor to sense the environmental temperature, nterface Maximum load: AC 0V-250V/10A, DC0V-30V/10A
– Use potentiometer to adjust sensitivity
– Intelligent adjust design
– With power indicator(red), relay status indicator(blue)
– Working voltage 5V
– Four fixed bolt hole for installation

Humidity detection, humidity sensors, environment humidity detection, with relay output, direct control related equipment power

USES the high quality HR202 wet sensor;
comparator output direct drive relay, connect 220 v ac or other equipment;
match potentiometer adjust temperature detection threshold
sensor interface can hold row needles, add with lead wet sensor;
PCB physical size for: 50 x26mm, thick 19 mm, there are four 3 mm fixed bolt hole, convenient installation

Electrical parameters:
The power supply voltage: 5 VDC (default hair 5 v current: more than 150 ma
Maximum load: 250 v and a communication or 30 v 10 a dc, less than the power all can be used

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