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MH-CD42 DC 5V 2.1A Charge / Discharge (Boost) Battery Protection 4.2V 3.7 buy in Pakistan

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Product Description:
MH-CD42 DC 5V 2.1A Charge / Discharge (Boost) Battery Protection 4.2V 3.7 Lithium Indicator Module
Providing mobile power for your DIY projects has never been easier with the MH-CD42 Power DIY board!
This tiny board offers simultaneous charge and discharge, lithium battery protection, and a 4 level LED
indicator. Connect any kind of 3.7V Lithium battery to have a 5V output with current up to 2.1A.
When charging, the four-level battery indicator starts with one flashing LED, meaning the battery is less
than 25% full. After some time, 2 LED will lit up and the first one would stop flashing. That means your
battery is 25% to 49% full. Your battery is fully charged when all 4 LEDs are lit and not flashing.
In discharge mode, the same definition applies but in reverse.
Product parameters:
Charging voltage: DC4.5V-5.5V (recommended DC5V)
Charging current: 0-2.1 a
Quiescent Charge Current: 100UA
Full voltage: 4.2V ± 1%
Discharge current: 0-3.5A
Quiescent discharge current: 50UA
Discharge efficiency: up to 96%
Output voltage: 5V
Output current: 0-2.1 a
Ambient temperature: -20 ~ + 85 ° C
The module comes with a lithium battery protection function
(for unprotected lithium batteries, with protection board)
Overcurrent Protection (OCP)
Overvoltage Protection (OVP)
Short Circuit Protection (SCP)
Overheating Protection (OTP)
Charge and discharge power level interval indication 4
Pin Description:
VIN: The correct input of the charging port + (DC4.5V-5.5V (DC 5V recommended)
GND: negative input of the charging port-
GND: Lithium battery-
Bat: lithium battery +
GND: Negative output-
Output: positive output +
Key: output trigger port (low pulse trigger)
Package Includes:
1pc x DC 5V 2.1A Charge/Discharge(boost) battery Module

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