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SW3518 module Fast Charging DC6-32V QC4.0 PD3.0 USB Type-C Mobile Phone Fast Quick Charger VOOC for SCP FCP buy in Pakistan

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1. Adopt high-efficiency and full-power external MOS tube
2. Double-wire parallel-wound iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic ring, high charging efficiency
3. Lower heat generation under charging power
4. Dual parallel low-resistance electrolytic capacitors + 6 1206 ceramic capacitors at the same time input anti-reverse connection using a dedicated MOS tube for anti-reverse connection
5. Support most mobile phones on the market

The main parameters:
1. Input voltage: DC6-32V
2. Input mode: red (+) black (-) wire (2.5mm pin of high current DC female socket) terminal: 5525
3. Output port: USB or type-C

1. Indicator light: blue light is output indicator, red light is fast charge status indicator
2. Dual independent current limiting
3. Support multi-protocol: USB PD3.0 (PPS) support
Qualcomm QC4+/QC4.0/QC3.0 support
Huawei SCP/FCP support
OPPO VOOC partial support
Apple 2.4A support
Samsung AFC support
OnePlus DASH support
VIVO 9V2A dual-engine flash charging support
MediaTek PE2.0 support

1. When the USB port and TYPE_C port are plugged into the mobile phone at the same time, both ports are 5V output!
2. For low-voltage and high-current fast charging, please use the original data cable. If you want to measure the charging voltage and current, you must use a low-resistance USB meter! Otherwise it will affect the charging current!
3. USB port is required to charge OPPO and OnePlus mobile phones! Protocols such as QC4+/QC4.0/PD3.0 must use TYPE_C port!
4. When the power supply voltage is higher than 21 volts, the C-port PD protocol supports up to 20V3A output, and the module is small in size. Please ventilate and dissipate it when used in a notebook with PD charging!
5. TYPE_C port is used for output charging; with C-TO-C/TYPE_C male-to-male dual-head data cable to charge mobile phones or laptops!

Charging test point:
Multi-brand mobile phone charging test USB port:
1. Charging Huawei Mate20 (56% power): Turn on SCP fast charging mode, voltage 4.89V, current 4.59A
2. Charging Huawei P20 Pro (12% power): Turn on SCP fast charge mode, voltage 5.03V, current 4.25A
3. Charge Honor V20 (43% power): Turn on SCP fast charge mode, voltage 5.13V, current 4.5A
4. Charge Xiaomi Mi 8 (18% power): Turn on QC3.0 fast charge mode, voltage 6.44V, current 2.79A
5. Charge OPPO R17 (43% power): Turn on VOOC flash charge mode voltage 4.8V, current 3.8A
6. Charge iPhone XS (5% battery): Turn on APPLE2.4A mode, voltage 5.22V, current 2.37A
7. Charge OnePlus 6T (15% power): Turn on DASH flash charging mode Voltage 4.7V, current 3.8A


Package includes:

1x SW3518 Fast Charging Power Module

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