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T.R67.03 Universal LCD LED Universal TV driver board

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PKR  1,690
model no:T.R67.03 v7
  • Power supply voltage and current: DC 12V, max. 2000Ma
  • NOTE: Max. current doesn't include the currents for driving TFT-LCD panel, backlight, USB port or expanded modules.
  • Voltage on driving panel screen: DC 3.3V /5V/ 12V
  • Standby Power: <0.2W (for motherboard only)
  • Max. current on USB connector: 500mA

Universal Multifunction Inverter For Backlight Led Constant Current Board

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PKR  750
Multifunction Inverter for Backlight LED Constant Current Board Driver Board 12 connecters LED Strip Tester
100% Brand New
Size : 120mm(L)×30mm(W)
Input Voltage: 6V-20V
Supported: 15inch-24inch panel
Supporting 12 kinds of Definition with 7pcs cables