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35W dc battery load capacity tester resistor CC aging with Oled screen buy in Pakistan

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Industrial discharge load USB tester 35W dc battery load capacity tester resistor CC aging with Oled screen

Product parameters: 

Operating voltage: DC3.5V-25 V (compatible with Qualcomm QC2.0 of A / B protocol 5V / 9V / 12V / 20V) 
Constant discharge current: 0-3A adjustable (coarse adjustment knob to adjust the 0-3A range, fine-tuning knob to adjust the fine tuning +/- 0.2A to achieve constant fine) 
Current Operating error: no more than 2%+3mA 
Continuous rated discharge power: 35W (20V, if the high-pressure, continuous discharge current as possible less than 1.5A, the power to avoid overloading caused by excessive discharge FET) 
Threshold of Smart Temperature Control: when the temperature﹥55℃(131℉), the fan would automatically work; when﹤45℃(113℉), the fan would automatically turn back off 
Detector of Smart Temperature Control: premium NTC thermistor 
Switching Regulator IC Frequency for Fan: 1.2MHZ 
Power Indicator: Blue LED Chip 
Fan speed: 4010 large fan speed 2900 / min 
Control chip: constant current chip torch 

Key adjust: Short press: Switch screen; press twice: Convert Chinese version of the display; press five times in a row: adjust the timing, press six times in a row: toggle the display in English. 

Discharge power tube types: Royal Philips brand, low-impedance voltage-controlled temperature-type field effect MOS transistor (suitable for when the high temperature and pressure, a constant current is more stable.) 

Features :

Intelligent temperature control Double adjustment design

USB Dual Adjustment accuracy Electronic Load discharger

Industrial grade long life 35W power continuous discharge

Real-time monitoring

Voltage display  Current display  capacity display  Electrical voltage display  Power display  Timing display

Power Down Data Retention    Charging time protection

Support Qualcomm QC2.0 compatible QC3.0 fast charging voltage test

One screen multi group data Display

35W power continuous discharge,voltage; 1-25V

current; 0.1-4.5A 2. using 40 * 40 * 20MM copper roll fan

low noise, strong wind, 3.6063 aerospace aluminum 40 * 40 * 10MM aluminum radiator.

a strong cooling, to protect the life of the load. support iphone5s / 6s, Android Mirco usb, MINI USB,

Type-c usb interfaces current test, By current size, you could distinguish charge data cable quality is good or bad .

USB tester function to facilitate the test charging voltage and current size.

Load Test Instrument (Resolution): 

Voltage measuring range: 4V-25V (0.01V) 
Current measurement range: 0-5A (0.01A) 
Accumulated capacity range: 99999mAH (0.001Ah) 
Cumulative power range: 99999mWh (0.001 Wh) 
Power calculation range: 299.99W (0.001W) 
Timing maximum time: 999h59m59s (1s) 

Package included: 
1 x USB electronic load constant current battery tester
1 x Usermanual 
1 x Packing box

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