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Product description:
AC power supply circuit board – 888 super lcd, universal power modules, universal display
Applications: Fixes the maintenance problems of 15 – 21 inch lcd monitor power supply
The lcd tv power board damages a large proportion. One power, chip, high power switch
Sampling resistance damage is the most common because these component and variety models.
Often the same replacement parts are not available and cannot be repaired.
Most clients need a friend of the stromversorgungsmodul commonly used lcd display.
The module has: wiring is simple, easy to install, save time, improve maintenance success rate, etc.
Friends met’s maintenance issues may consider developing a universal power supply module
Pin Definition
1 foot yellow line: DRAIN, power control terminal, connected to the original high-power MOS power supply
D pole. Usually the middle foot of the power switch tube
2 feet black or pink wire: GND, module ground wire 300v, capacitor negative, the same line can be.
Negative pole directly connected with large filter capacitor
3 foot red wire: VCC, module power supply terminal, connected with the positive pole of capacitor after
rectification of feedback winding terminal, continuous power supply, voltage between 12-18V.
4 foot white line: FB, regulated feedback, four-foot optocoupler. Make sure that the three-foot optocoupler
connects the hot ground. If it is not the hot ground, the optocoupler is shortened to the hot ground.
At the same time, the four-foot peripheral circuit is disconnected.
5 feet green line: start start start foot, connect + 300V capacitor positive pole
Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.
Due to the light and screen difference, the item’s colour may be slightly different from the pictures. Please understand.
Package Includes:
1 Piece LCD Power Supply Module CA-888

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