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Camelion 1.2V AA 1000mAh Rechargeable Ni-MH battery buy in Pakistan

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Last updated: 10 May, 2023

کسٹمر کو رقم ادائیگی سے پہلے پارسل کھولنے کی اجازت ہے

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Product Discription:

Camelion AlwaysReady Ni-MH Batteries Long Life perfect for daily use AA powered products

These products offer you up to 1500 charging cycles-a considerable savings on your investment;

Environmentally friendly

Ideal battery for powering today’s high-tech equipment.

Camelion AA Rechargeable 1000 mAh  1.2V AA batteries

Nickel Metal Hydride batteries hold charge up to 1 year

A charged battery will hold 85% charge after 1 year of no use

Package Includes:

2x AA Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries, 1x keychain



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