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  • Features: 
    1: The use of advanced digital audio signal processing (DSP) technology and FM modulation phase-locked loop (PLL) to make sound more realistic, more stable performance.
    2: LCD display is more intuitive and accurate, with a very low power consumption and minimal noise interference.
    3: Full digital control, more convenient operation while making the product more stable and durable.
    4: 5V MICO USB charging more convenient, compatible with most mobile phone charger.
    Product parameters:
    Power supply: 3-5V DC, Rechargeable batteries, USB also can power
    Working Current: 35mA
    Ondo: Capacitive
    Output power: 100mW
    Maximum SPL: ≥130dB (aT1kHzTHD≤1%)
    Microphone Frequency response: 50Hz-10KHz
    PC Audio Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
    Transmission frequency: 87.0MHz-108.0MHz
    Equivalent Noise: ≥30dB
    Weight: 40 g
    LCD screen displays:
    Battery indicator; mute indication; transmit power indication; transmit frequency display.
    (Backlit Display: when button operation, backlight; no operation 30 seconds extinguished.)
    Mute: short Press; On / Off: long Press
    Transmit power adjustment:
    Short press M to adjust the transmit power, the emission intensity of the four points P1-P4 power increase, the greater the power transmitter farther away, while the more power. Users adjust transmit power according to the specific use of the environment.
    Volume adjustment:
    If the whistle or when using a small microphone volume, adjust the microphone volume control is to reduce the V-, V + is increased, long press fast subtraction.
    Frequency adjustment:
    Press F- frequency decreases, according to the F + frequency increased, while the display shows the current frequency, long press can quickly add and subtract.
    Microphone Connection:
    As long as the machine with FM radio function can connect the microphone, open mic and your machine, the machine transferred to FM mode, to see how often the machine (preferably with a screen, in order to ensure accurate frequency), the microphone will be transferred to the frequency , for example: 87.5MHz display on the machine, then the microphone is also transferred to 87.5MHz, this time machine and a microphone can be connected to the automatic pairing, do not pay attention to the frequency of the signal with the local radio station overlap, in order to avoid mutual interference affect the sound quality and distance.
    PC Audio Broadcasting:
    The machine with a PC audio broadcast function, connect a computer to the machine with a USB cable, microphone, said display PC connection, the initial use of the computer will automatically install the drivers. Good computer after installing the drive volume control options will be more of a device called CD002 audio devices, select Enable CD002 for playback device, adjust the microphone end of the emission frequency and radio frequency consistent, turn on the computer to play any audio player, radio will receive from System Audio computer terminal.
    Charging Method:
    When the LCD screen displays battery icon indicates that the current low battery when the battery is low, you need to recharge. Plug in the USB cable you can charge (you can plug the computer USB port or output voltage of 5V USB Universal mobile phone charger), the charging time is three to four hours, while charging the battery icon will flash LCD display is filled full point icon . This machine is full point subsequent flight time of up to eight hours or more.
    Teaching, guided tours, promotions, lectures, conferences, Kara OK, PC audio transmitter and other fields.
    Common Troubleshooting:
    Q: Are there too close to the noise?
    A: The transmission range is generally 15 meters, with your audio device with the receiver sensitivity, and if your audio device to receive the signal difference causes a short distance and noise caused by bad signal, try a few bands, find the best band.
    Q: the short distance, the sound suddenly smaller?
    A: The emergence of this phenomenon is usually no electricity or signal interference, timely charge or replace the band.
    Q: distance, as well as the whistle?
    A: The different audio devices have different sensitivity, howling please adjust the microphone volume or audio device volume to the optimum position, usually at a distance of two meters and outdoor use will not whistle.
    Q: Microphone is not connected to the radio?
    A: The microphone and radio has power, whether radio can work is in the FM mode, microphone and radio frequency emission frequency is consistent.
    Q: how has the microphone noises?
    A: Are you near the construction site in other sources of interference, such as cell phone signals and welding, this problem, replace the band.
    Package Included:
    1x Digital FM Transmitter Module Wireless Microphone Audio Transmitter
  • Package Contents 

    1x Digital FM Transmitter Module Wireless Microphone Audio Transmitter 87-108M

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