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Gold-82D05 Mini 5V Bluetooth Audio Module
This is a Bluetooth audio receiver module, which means it can receive the audio signal of MP3 and
other popular formats. It’s very easy to connect and operate, and once connected to the other Bluetooth
device like your phone or laptop etc. it can receive the signal and convert it into the output form which
is compatible with the speakers. It has 3 output terminals L Out, R Out and GND to which you can
directly connect your wired earphone using a 3.5mm female jack or if you want to drive a big speaker
you can connect its output to the input of a good amplifier system.
Bluetooth 3.0 with audio signal decoding feature.
The output is directly compatible with the amplifier.
Very little weight and small size form factor make it easily fits into any application area.
Can be used to Design your own wireless music system
Low power consumptions.
5v voltage supply.
Package includes:
1x 5v Bluetooth Gold 82D05 Audio Receiver Module

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