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RT809F Universal Bios Programmer SOP8 + 200ml 209ml + 150ml Socket + Flash Chip IC Clip Adapter Socket buy in Pakistan

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Last updated: 4 March, 2024

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RT809F Universal Bios Programmer + 200ml 209ml SOP8 + 150ml SOP8 Socket + SOP8 Flash Chip IC Clip Adapter Socket

RT809F Universal Bios Programmer:

LCD USB Programmer PC Repair Tools RT809F Serial ISP Programmer Support 24-25-93 serise IC.

 RT809F is much stable then EP1130B,the qaulity is much better then EP1130B,Besides,it has English version sftware.

The English version of the RT809F software : www.ifix.net.cn/en/thread-3-1-1.html

1) Read and write 8 pin and 16 pins chips those commonly used on computer motherboard, laptop, LCD, routers and home appliances.

 2)Read and write memory SPD DDR1/DDR2/DDR3 Free demolition chip, especially support 34C02 and other special part numbers.

 3)Support laptop 8 pin and 14 pin password chip and battery chip (especially 24RF08/6480AR/BR9080/9016 special part numbers

 4)Support all series of 24,IIC EEPROM Memory.Besides, it can automatically identify chip model from 24C01 to 24C16,Automatic identify write protection level of the 24 series’ 7th pin.

 5) Support all series of 25 and 26 SPI FLASH Memory,support identify the chips part number automaticly,the capacity is up to 256Mbit.

6) Support all series 93 MircroWire Memory,including Japanese special chips.

7) It is the only one programmer which have the function of supporting RTD2120 chip’s double bank read and write online. Including the BANK0 which the firmware in and BANK1 area ,which menu in. It can read double BANK in only 6 seconds.Support RTD2122 ‘s three BANK read and write online.

8) Support reading and writing DDC-EDID data of LCD display and LCD TV online. Very easy to solve EDID data problems.

9) Recordable models constantly add, if there are special needs, you can contact with the company, part of the chip models can remotely add. 24,25,26,93 series chip and official ISP software, users can also customize the video tutorial to add, convenient to use. Gift 8G procedures and information, and provide long-term technical support, to welcome major brand service station order, such as over one hundred customizable software LOGO and special features.

SOP8 to DIP8 IC socket adapter 200ml to 209ml ics
Applications: Programmer,test socket,for SOP8 IC chips.
Package:SOP8/SOIC8/SO8,lead pitch 1.27mm,Chip body width is 5.27mm
Features:SOP8 to DIP8?baseplate lead to double row DIP 8P,lead pitch 2.54mm(100mil),width 1.52cm(600mil)
Use for OnePro/MiniPro/DreamPro programmer.

Universal SOIC,SOP8(EZ) SO8 TO Dip 8 Adapter 150mil IC.

High quality and durable.
Tested before shipping.
Easy to use.
programmer(1.27 Pitch) and all SOP8 narrow chips.
Suitable for ALL-11 Series,ALL-100GANG , LT-48 Series, SuperPRO Series, TOP Series etc.
Support Chips: 24CXX, 93CXX and all SOP8 narrow chips.

This item for sop8 chip ,such as 25**, 24c** , 93c** and so on .
It can be used for the online in-circuit sop8 -dip8 adapter ,it is used for a sop8 chip programming
that has been soldered on circuit board , it can online programming the sop8 chip , do not need take
the chip of the circuit board , so it can save people’s time
Connector type: Test Clip
Pin format: SOIC / SOP

Package contains :

1PC programmer RT809F
1PC 200ml 209ml SOP8
1PC 150ml SOP8 Socket
1PC SOP8 Flash Chip IC Adapter Socket

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