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WJ-315 Network Crimping Plier Hand tool wire Cutter buy in Pakistan

PKR  600

Last updated: 6 September, 2023

کسٹمر کو رقم ادائیگی سے پہلے پارسل کھولنے کی اجازت ہے

Weight 0.6 kg

Product Description:

  • It is used with 4P, 6P and 8P cables, and with pre-insulated and the heat shrink terminals etc
  • Mostly used for internet and telephone wire connections
  • Its ergonomic design saves effort while crimping
  • Protected safe cutting part to avoid injury
  • It comes with multi-functional wire stripping knife
  • Improvement of peeling wires, faster and easier.
  • It is made of Cold Rolled Plate 08F Steel and the surface is treated by the electrophoresis antirust and after high frequency quenching treatment
  • Comfortable grip so it is more convenient to use.
  • Network Wire Plier, Crimping Pliers, 4P 6P 8P Ethernet Internet Cable cutting plier, repair hand tool.
  • For cutting and crimping telephone cables and network cables.
  • High quality precision blades for clean cuts on wires.
  • It is suitable for cutting the RJ45 network wire and RJ11 telephone wire.
  • It won’t damage the shelled-wire and works with high efficiency.

Package Included:
1x WJ-315 Network Crimping Plier Hand tool wire Cutter

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