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Last updated: 26 June, 2023

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Integrated Circuit TDA 2525


  • The A2525EL/M and A2535EL/M are integrated high-side power switches, optimized for self-powered and bus-powered Universal Serial Bus (USB) applications. Few external components are necessary to satisfy USB requirements. The A2525EL/EM ENABLE inputs are active high; the A2535EL/EM are active low.

    ■ 2.7 V to 5.8 V Input
    ■ Up to 500 mA Continuous Load Current per Port
    ■ 140 mΩ Maximum ON-Resistance
    ■ 1.25 A Maximum Short-Circuit Current Limit
    ■ Individual Open-Drain Fault Flag Outputs
    ■ 100 µA Typical ON-State Supply Current
    ■ <1 µA Typical OFF-State Supply Current
    ■ Outputs Can be Forced Higher Than Input (off-state)
    ■ Thermal Shutdown
    ■ 2.2 V Typical Undervoltage Lockout
    ■ 0.6 ms Turn On (soft-start) and Fast Turn Off
    ■ A2525 (active-high) Improved Replacement for MIC2525-1
    ■ A2535 (active-low) Improved Replacement for MIC2525-2

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Integrated Circuit TDA 2525

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